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Flowering Vines Ivory Shawl
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Flowering Vines Ivory Shawl

This exquisite and elegant Ivory Shawl has been fully hand embroidered by a Kashmir artist whose skills date back to the 15h century. The style of hand embroidery is fine ariwork, the body of this ivory shawl is covered with pastel ariwork embroidery. Large and small blooming flowers, buds and leaves have been embroidered on delicate vines that stretch across the entire body of this ivory shawl. Draped around the shoulder or worn more traditionally around the neck, the embroidery of the shawl makes this a very eye catching accessory during any time of the year. 100% Kashmir wool with shades of earth colors against a ivory background.

Hand embroidered and hand dyed Kashmir wool ivory luxury shawl.
* One-of-a-kind Shawl
* Hand Embroidered Shawl
* Hand Dyed Shawl
* Unique Kashmir Embroidery Design
* Base Soft Kashmir Wool
* Authentic Kashmir Company Product
* Product of Kashmir
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