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Fleur du Soleil Acacia Noir Garden Renoirs Dream Shawl
Whether youíre visiting the Louvre or a special French painterís art exhibition at the Legion of Honor, you canít help but marvel at the inspiring use of colors. The moment you spot the Renoirís Dream Shawl, you know it was made for you, with each tantalizing hue as vivid as if it stepped from the strokes of a painting into reality. Those deep cobalts and fiery oranges have a way of shaking off the blues, and youíll feel a warm thrill each time the sumptuous beauty caresses your shoulders.

This is a 100% hand embroidered Kashmir shawl created by a gifted peasant-artisan from the Kashmir valley on 100% Kashmir wool. The peasant artisan works in the field by day and creates his nature inspired masterpiece at night, his art influenced by the bounties of nature that surrounds him as he works in the high fields of beautiful Kashmir valley.

A beautiful Kashmir wool shawl to celebrate the seasons of Kashmir with an elegant arrangement of hand embroidered flowers all over shawl. The arrangement is a beautiful assimilation of flower and leaf motifs in beautiful colors that represent the gardens of Kashmir.

Hand embroidered and hand dyed Kashmir wool luxury shawl.
* One-of-a-kind Shawl
* 74" long x 27" wide
* Hand Embroidered Shawl
* Hand Dyed Shawl
* Unique Kashmir Embroidery Design
* Soft Kashmir Wool
* Authentic Kashmir Company Product
* Product of Kashmir

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Dimensions: 74" x 27"
Fabric: 100% Kashmir Wool
Embroidery: Kashmiri Fine Aarye
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Hand made in Kashmir
Ships in: 24 hrs
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