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D.00.0007.01.01.0002A - 12
$8000.00 $6999.00
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Kashmir Beige Cypress Silk Rug
This Kashmir silk rug design is from the late 17th century and is influenced by the Persian carpets of garden design from the Qum region.

The filed consists of a garden pattern in which the dividing lines symbolize irrigation channels with tress and flowers growing in the squares between. There are a total of 104 squares with 9 distinct designs. The squares have various floral designs, Mir-ibotha pattern, cypresses, weeping willows as well as flower vase design. The inner guard as well as the outer stripe has small flowers connected by delicate shoots. The central stripe is a Mina-khani design.

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Dimensions: 4ft 2in x 6ft
Knottage: 576 kpsi
Warp/Weft/Pile: 100% Silk
Year Commissioned: 2005
Total number of knots: Approx. 2 Million
Ships in: 24 hrs
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